October: Wednesday Kollodge

Kriya Handa


Wednesday Kollodge ‘23’s stunning art pieces, “The Cave” and “The Eye” have landed them the title of Contributor of the Month for October.

Kollodge has loved drawing since they were in elementary school.

“I always liked drawing more than doing other things, and I just sort of stuck with it ever since,” Kollodge said. “I would try other stuff but that was the only thing that stuck.”

The artist published two large digital art pieces, which was one of the main draws to being selected for Contributor of the Month.

“[The motivation] behind the individual pieces [is] trying to convey future prospects and the unknown of the future, and a little bit of the anxiety that goes with it,” Kollodge said.

These pieces are also part of a portfolio they’re preparing in order to continue art in college. Kollodge wishes to pursue concept art as their career.

“I really like how when it comes to making art, it’s entirely about creating new things,” Kollodge said. “I think making new things that other people haven’t seen before is something I would really like to do [in the future].”

Kollodge advises other people who are interested in art to continue practicing their skills despite a lack of motivation or self-satisfaction.

“[Keep on] trying [your art] even if you’d never be satisfied,” Kollodge said. “I’ve never been satisfied with any of my work, but like just [do] it anyway and [acknowledge] the fact that even if you don’t see it as good, other people might. [And] keep doing it even if you’re not feeling motivated. It’s a good way to keep coming up with ideas to constantly improve [your] art.”