January: Selena Molinari


Ishan Saleh


During the month of January, Selena Molinari ‘24 submitted two pieces of poetry titled “Both Hands Held” and “Dames Des Fenêtres,” which earned her the title of Contributor of the Month.

Molinari has been writing poetry and practicing creative writing since the age of eight, when she got her first diary.

“I realized I wanted something to look back on and to put into words the feelings I had in the moment.”

Molinari has written mass amounts of poems and short essays since then, continuing to hone her talent to this day.

“I have a collection of over twenty-five journals, containing most major life events since I started my first diary,” Molinari said.

Even now, she’s working on a large project of her own, which is where these two poems came from.

“I’ve submitted several poems from a book I’m writing called The Scent of Lavender. The book is based on things I experienced as a teenager and personal circumstances.”

Despite writing so much, producing a finished work doesn’t come with ease.

“I experience a good amount of writer’s block because it’s sometimes difficult to write down thoughts as fast as I’m thinking them, and when I can’t write down my thoughts I don’t end up feeling satisfied with my end result,” Molinari said.

She still faces challenges and hardships each time she writes, but she continues to push past them. Molinari hopes to continue writing and submitting to the Dreamcatcher in the future.