November: Jeongwon Park


Kriya Handa


Jeongwon Park ‘23’s unique poem format in “The Caterpillar,” along with her clever word choice made her November’s Contributor of the Month.

The idea for this poem came from a challenge Park made with her friend Rika Chang ‘23, whom she dedicated the poem to.

“[Rika] had an impromptu speech she had to give for her English class,” said Park. “[And I told her] to post [it] to the Dreamcatcher on the terms that I would make a poem that I have to post too.”

Given the random prompts of “caterpillar” and “golf,” Park was tasked with the job of somehow creating a poem out of these unrelated things that would meet the standards of the Dreamcatcher.

“I couldn’t fit caterpillars anywhere into the poem, so I was like, I’ll just make an acrostic poem,” Park said. “[The rest of the poem] stemmed from that. I had a friend who really liked chicken noodle soup, so I started: Caterpillar—C—Chicken noodle soup.”

Park goes on to talk about the meaning of the poem.

“[My poem talks about] how hunger is a way to cope with boredom and it’s something that every one of us does,” she said.

Although Park posted a poem onto the Dreamcatcher, her strong suit is photography.

“I really like taking photos of the landscape and going to unique mountain peaks and just taking photos of nature, sunsets,” Park said. “It just brings me a lot of joy and a way to de-stress from school life.”