Under the Moonlight


Franco Salcedo '22


Problems problems that are not forgotten in any way

There is no other way to go anyway

Surrounded by many people but you still feel apart

Everything that has to go right, goes left

Everything that has to go left, goes right

You’re aimlessly aiming for a better future

Future without fortune

And a nasty past that won’t let you pass

Your life is a lie

A light lie that shows it to you as if it were good

They tell you to get up but the only thing you would do is fall, and fall again and again

Your eyesight is blurred like her appearance that left you when she least had to leave you

Leaving you with problems, believing that you will be succeeding on your own

You have two legs to walk, so go-ahead

You have two arms to grab something, so hold on to what you have

You have two eyes to see, so see the good things in life

Is what he told you, but what if it isn’t?

I have two legs, but I have nowhere to go

I have two arms, but nothing to hold on to

I have two eyes to see but, there is nothing good to see in my life

I only have myself reminding myself of the bad, day by day

You get to the point where you miss yourself, the one who didn’t have a fake face

A face that smiled with true feelings not like now that you smile without even wanting to do it

A painful smile that hides painful truths in a painful life

All are bad in one way or another

Fake people who care about you just to take the good you have left

But they don’t know that you don’t have anything good left to take

You feel like a broken mechanical pencil that they only use to take away the lead and give them to another one and

When they see that you don’t have it, they throw you away

This is like an endless cycle knowing only people like that

Trust is no longer true

You don’t have to trust anyone else or even yourself

When the person you hate the most always gets in your way and you can’t do anything since it’s yourself

Many bad things very few good things that make it seem like there is nothing good

But that’s life, like a piano, the white keys show happiness and the black keys show sadness but as you adventure on

Life’s journey remember that black keys also make music.