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Subject C301 — The Melting Man

*NOTE: The subject has since escaped from the facility. This case file is from when it was contained.* — December 13, 2021


CASE FILE: Subject C301 — The Melting Man

Name: The Melting Man

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Location: Cell C301

Classification: TBD

Intake Date: October 10, 2020

Containment: To be kept in a 6 x 6 meter cell with leak-proof floors and walls. Keep at a temperature of 40 to minimize the subject’s melting.

Description: The Melting Man is a tall humanoid who appears to be made out of candle wax. He is in a constant state of melting, and his limbs droop. His features are distorted and in the wrong positions on his face, and his eyes are pure white; it has been noted through security footage that he often rearranges his facial features when unmonitored, seeming to go through considerable distress during these periods. Wherever he goes, he leaves a trail of melted wax. Strangely enough, although he loses wax daily, he never seems to get smaller as a normal candle would. He does not speak or make any sounds.


October 11, 2020: Dr. Oliver Goldman, Anomaly Researcher

The subject is adjusting to his new environment quite nicely. To test his sentience, we provided him with various mental enrichment in his cell: art supplies, books, puzzles, and video games, to name a few. He liked the art supplies the most; when we went back to check on him, his paints had all run out. He doesn’t want to show anybody his artwork, however. I will send word to the Resources Department to provide him with some more supplies.

October 13, 2020: Mai Duong, Intern

The subject is shy, that’s for certain. I went in to check on him, and he didn’t want anything to do with me. He just sat in the corner, twiddling his thumbs and leaving a large puddle of wax beneath him. If I’m being completely honest, it was endearing, in a strange way.

October 14, 2020: Dr. Rowan Sharma, Resources Department

As per the request of Dr. Goldman, I delivered some art supplies to the subject’s cell today. The subject seemed hesitant to accept them with me in the room. After I left, though, I watched him through the glass; he immediately began to use them. I couldn’t see what he was drawing, as his back was turned to the door.

October 17, 2020: Dr. Oliver Goldman, Anomaly Researcher

The subject has shown increased interest in interacting with staff members over the past few days. He has been relatively friendly and has shown no signs of hostility. He still will not show anybody his art, however. I will talk to Dr. Zhao to see if we can use him for further research.

October 19, 2020: Dr. Peter Zhao, Head Anomaly Researcher

Dr. Goldman has told me about the subject in this cell, Cell C301, and despite its unnerving appearance, the subject seems a good candidate for further research. I have not been able to meet with it in person, but from what I have heard, it does not appear to be hostile in the slightest. I will put in a confirmation for an examination of the creature to be done as soon as possible.

October 20, 2020: Rowan Sharma, Resources Department

I delivered some more art supplies to the subject’s cell, and this time he showed no hesitation in accepting them, instead opening them and experimenting with them immediately. However, he went through adamant efforts to keep his art away from my line of sight; it appears he is still self-conscious about his work. I wonder where he keeps his finished pieces, though. It does not look like anybody has ever seen any of his artwork, not even any of the researchers…

October 23, 2020: Dr. Peter Zhao, Head Anomaly Researcher

I have heard that the subject is quite interested in drawing. It would be very beneficial for the facility to analyze some of its art…I will ask Dr. Goldman to retrieve a drawing or two for testing. On a side note, the subject is scheduled for its first exam next week.

October 24, 2020: Mai Duong, Intern

I tried to check on the subject today, but for some reason, he held the door shut. I don’t know what happened, but he appeared stressed. I didn’t force him and left immediately.

October 24, 2020: Dr. Oliver Goldman, Anomaly Researcher

With some difficulty, I managed to retrieve one of the subject’s artworks earlier today. The subject seemed to be sleeping, and there was a stray piece of paper next to him. On it was a crude, childish painting of what appeared to be him and two human figures, all standing together and smiling. As per Dr. Zhao’s request, I have turned it in to the Research Department for further evaluation.

October 26, 2020: Rowan Sharma, Resources Department

I might not be directly involved with the subject, at least research-wise, but I am worried about him. He no longer wants to see anybody. I attempted to give him his latest shipment of art supplies, but he didn’t accept them. Instead, he just shoved them out of his cell. The subject seemed to be considerably distressed and was pacing his room. He appeared as if he was looking for something. I might check the security footage later today. He isn’t letting anybody see his face.

October 29, 2020: Dr. Peter Zhao, Head Anomaly Researcher

The produced art of the subject is, unfortunately, nothing to be marveled at. The only detail of interest is the fact that the subject used some of its own wax in the painting. Hopefully, the examination tomorrow will produce more interesting results.

*This is the last known log entry regarding The Melting Man.

Official report of Incident-C301, November 5, 2020:

As you may have heard, Subject C301, also known as the “Melting Man”, brutally murdered two staff members and severely injured an additional six during its examination on October 30, 2020, at 9:42 in the morning. The dead individuals are researchers Dr. Peter Zhao and Dr. Oliver Goldman, two staff members who were directly involved with the care and containment of Subject C301. The victims were found hanging from the ceiling, each encased in a hard shell of wax. The autopsy report says that both of them had been contorted in unnatural positions, suffering severe bone fractures and crushed lungs. It is unknown why they are the sole victims to be stuffed into the wax cocoons.

According to various sources, two witnesses saw the Melting Man escape the facility: Mai Duong and Rowan Sharma, an intern and member of the Resources Department respectively. The entry logs for Subject C301 confirm that these two were also closely involved with the Anomaly. They were unavailable for interview.

THE MELTING MAN IS ROAMING FREE AND UNCONTAINED. It is very dangerous (see Incident-C301). If you see it, DO NOT INTERACT WITH IT and contact the Anomaly Containment Force immediately.

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    Jacob ChowJan 12, 2024 at 2:15 pm

    This is cool! Is it based on the SCP-foundation?

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    Kara C.Oct 24, 2023 at 5:26 pm

    Had a blast reading this one