The Literary Magazine of Westwood High School


The Literary Magazine of Westwood High School


The Literary Magazine of Westwood High School


The Guardian of Darkness

English Translation

June 21, 5013 B.C.

The midnight wind howled throughout the forest as the rain pounded hard against the ground. The smell of blood and bones creeped its way around the trees. A figure stood above the bloody mess of bodies and armor, smiling to itself as the soldiers’ blood dripped from the curved blade of the creature’s scythe. As soon as it heard more men coming to the scene, its smile widened as its eyes formed blood red slits, and darkness started to spiral around the creature’s weapon as the soldiers approached. Lightning and thunder started to dance in the clouds above, the night getting darker as the moon started to disappear. The muzzle around the creature’s mouth grew tighter in response to its reaction. But the creature didn’t notice, for the distant murmurs were more important than the pain in her jaw, the murmurs about the coordinates of Emperor Zarkon. As soon as the creature heard the numbers, its eyes narrowed as the sigil on the side of its neck grew more prominent. It disappeared right before the soldiers could catch it, but what they found was proof that the creature was there, the sigil that was on its neck had been burned onto the lawn below the massacred bodies
and the pieces of armor, a black fox with red eyes.

March 16, 2318 A.D.

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With the galaxy at peace after the paladins won the war against the Galra and Hagar (Honerva), the lions had disappeared and the paladins took on new roles since Voltron was not needed. But with no known status of the quintessence rift on the underside of Daibazaal, this reality may be in danger once more, and this time, they could be more powerful than the Galra had once been. But with the paladins of new spread throughout the galaxy and bringing peace to warring planets, if something were to happen, not all of them would get there in time. Suddenly, the gate to the quintessence broke the metal casing around it, expanding as a rift creature started to come out.

What will happen next?

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  • Z

    ZoyaMay 21, 2024 at 12:52 pm

    I liked the arrangement of the article and the literary context used. I also liked the ending question which is creating suspense and crave for reading more and imagination what will happen next.

  • K

    K'LynnMay 21, 2024 at 12:20 pm

    I really like the details of the story and the way the story started off!