A Battle to Remember




I feint an attack by throwing a punch to it’s chest, but quickly duck and kick his jaw. I hear a crack and a screech. It holds its face and growls. I don’t let up and punch its chest a few times and sweep the legs, knocking it to the floor. I get atop it and punch it’s face and chest repeatedly. I try to punch it again, but it grabs my hand and throws me off. I roll across the floor, the dirt scraping at my skin. I quickly get up to be greeted by an upper cut, launching me into the air. I land on the cold silver plating of the gates. I hear a thud next to me and see the demon walking towards me. I struggle to get up, but manage to and wait for an attack. It lunges at me, claws extended, but I quickly slide under and grab the tail. I use all my strength and slam it into the ground. I stamp on its tail with my foot leaving it in place, and I lift its head off the ground. I start to repeatedly punch it in the face till I feel my knuckles start to go numb. I let go of its tail and put all my strength into this last punch that sends him flying off of the gate.

It hurtles to the ground, leaving a large crater on the floor. I rappel my way down with a hook hand and collapse as soon as I reach the ground panting heavily and trying to catch my breath. I hear a laughing voice say “That was a nice try there Chaos Bringer.” I look to the crater and see the large demon walk out of it as if nothing happened. It laughs again. “You’re strong. Really strong! But it still isn’t nearly enough,” It exclaims. In the blink of an eye it appears in front of me, claws wrapped around my throat. It throws me into the air and starts to juggle me in the air with punches and kicks. I feel every part of my body feel the brutal assault, starting to bruise up. It puts more strength into this next punch. It slams me in my gut and the wind gets knocked out of me, I fall to the floor and start gagging uncontrollably. It looks down at me and says “You know, I think I’ll let you live. I want to see how strong you can become.” He starts to walk away but I struggle onto my feet and yell after it. He looks back with a smirk (I think?) and says “You and I both know there’s no point in doing that.” I sit there and accept the fact it’s too strong for me. It walks off and disappears in a flash of light.