A heartbreak


Yasmin Diogenes '23


We were laying on the top of a small hill

Looking at the beautiful dark blue sky 

Admiring uncountable bright stars,

While I only had eyes for him


He smelled as sweet as happiness 

His voice sounded like a lovely symphony

Light green eyes staring at my shy expression

Happier than ever


Sitting on the back of his old motorcycle

Joking around and laughing

The wind making my hair touch his soft skin

Saying “I love you”  countless times


I was his and he was mine

The perfect cliche of both of us

His kind words were a pleasant melody

He was the one 



Happiness doesn’t last long


Ouch, an unwanted heartbreak 

It hit me like a freight train

Thump Thump,

My broken heart was beating slowly


Am I not enough?

Do people really care about others?

Am I wrong? What is love? 

Why does it have to hurt so much?


What a lonely life,

So many questions

No answers

Such a miserable feeling


He left me – I wish we had never met

But I’m slowly aging and maturing

Some things happen for inner growth

And others for the best