A Jaunt in the Mall




The cold knob turns under the force of my numb hand

Warm air gushes offering a comfort haven

A tempting treat after a year rotten and bland

In I go, dissatisfied with my lot given


In hopes I search, aimless, but with vague direction

Passing down busy aisles. One must satisfy.

Searching for an item which offers connection

Suddenly I’m lost and trapped here until I die


But I catch a break, a revelation of light

The yellow glow makes anxiety melt away

Each string of bulbs banish darkness with holy might

Giving me joy and new hope for another day


Yet, it seems that perhaps the lights are the problem

Feigning happiness, stealing from the brutal truth

Painting a mirage we’re too happy to welcome

Cruel optimism, crushing both adults and youth


These thoughts– just another distraction from my day

Pushing them out, I start to see life’s treasures

Bright colors, shiny tinsel, soft music to play

Gifts flood my imagination with cheap pleasure


Yet it’s so arbitrary and temporary

The meaning and symbolism of Christmas gone

Replaced by fleeting desires ordinary

Emotion that will be forgotten come next dawn


Modern Christmas is built on anticipation

With little substance and fulfillment to feast on

It is all too sad– the commercialism

Leaves me empty with sin, impurity forth drawn


I leave the store disgusted by humanity.

But the fresh air outside is so cold and nippy

And so I succumb to comfort and vanity

The cyclical nature of life makes me lazy


Yet I have a decision, I am in control…

To be conscious or to be happy.

To enjoy physicality or to question such desire.

To be ignorant or to be wise.

And this, is why I will never be satisfied