Kara "KC" Castaneda '25

Oh how the silence screams

When the darkness shines brightly

Oh how the sounds are deafened

When the lights are nothing but darkly

There’s a time in place when moments like these

Wait not for them to be ignited

But instead halt to a stand still

Until it’s their time to be revealed in fear

One can’t worry not about these occurrences

Because they appear so very randomly

One personally dreads the moment

When they come so terribly timed, perfectly

When the sound collapses

And the lights dim down

The silence comes close to a dull roar

When the heart begins to beat with no melody

Palms of sweat drown the hands

Breathes of one so unattractively caught

The mind fuzzes into thoughts of mild

Those around them don’t understand their unruly smile

Tell me, dear one

Tell me how one feels

You can surely pinpoint it

Because you too are one that feels