Tangled: A Villain’s Tale


Arushi Sharma '23


They told the whole story wrong. Let me state, I was not the villain, the royal family was not as lovely as the kingdom thinks, and I did not hold Rapunzel captive in that tower. Well, actually I did. But it wasn’t as extreme as they made it out to be.

It all began when I was younger, my best friend, Arianna, (yes, yes, that Queen Arianna). We knew each other for years, and I was even at her coronation when she became the Queen of Corona. To shorten an already hefty story, we were practically sisters. Well, that is until she got pregnant.

King Frederic never let me see her. For the first few months, I had no idea why, so I assumed that he was just being weird about the pregnancy, the firstborn child of a royal family, or whatever. In the seventh month of being away from Arianna, I received a letter with the name Anna, which was the nickname I gave to her. She told me that she had become extremely sick, and the King was so obsessed with having an heir that he was trying everything to fix it. They had loads of witches come in to do spells, and a lot of them ended up hurting her badly. He was torturing the sickness out of her.

She told me I was not to reply to the letter because it would be intercepted by the guards, so I had to sit there and do nothing while my best friend was being tortured. The next month I got another letter much worse than the first.

They found a flower that would heal the Queen and the baby but had major consequences. She would be free of sickness, but it made the chances of her dying while giving birth almost inevitable. She was terrified, and the King was making her consume the flower.

In the ninth month, I received my last letter from her, along with a package.

She told me she had eaten the flower and was due to give birth in two days. She knew the possibility of her not surviving, and gave me her solution. She did not want to leave her child alone with the king, with the fear of what he may do.

In the package, she gave me the uniform of a nightmare. I was to steal the royal baby from the crib the night that they were born and raise them as my own.

So I did.

She ended up having a daughter, and her name was Rapunzel.

After I ¬®borrowed¬® her, I had to find a new place to live, and I came across a tower in the forest. Sure, it was a bit suspicious, but I couldn’t have her live in my house with me, because the guards would come looking for her there. As I was saying earlier, the tower wasn’t as bad as you think. For starters, there was a door. The tower had multiple stories, so Rapunzel wasn’t living in a tiny room at the top. The door did in fact have an alarm, so I assume that Rapunzel figured out that she could use her hair to get out of the window. The only window without an alarm was at the top of the tower, because why would someone jump out of a 73-foot tower. Teenagers are resourceful these days.

Fast forward to the present day. Rapunzel escaped with some random boy she met – how she didn’t get murdered I don’t know – and found her way back to her family. To be honest, it did hurt my feelings a little. She just left me, and I gave up everything to raise her like my daughter. But what hurt more was seeing how much false information she gave to the press. Everything was so exaggerated to make it all seem so much more dramatic. I’m not sure if she’ll ever learn the truth about everything, but if it makes her happier to make me the villain in her fairytale story, so be it.