Nivrithi Kuttuva '21


Drowning in my endless thoughts of who I could be

I escape outside with my life in my hands, wheels on the ground circling and circling like the Earth

I breathe in the refreshing aura of a world cleansed by rain, purified and ready for adventures to inhabit it

I allow the nostalgic feeling of the first time I rode my bike to reassure me that this is a part of me that I will never forget

A smile sets me free

and then I rely on the steady, dependable pedals below the soles of my feet

I know I must pedal in a harmonizing rhythm right left right left to keep the bike moving forward, like a heartbeat for life

My bike is capable of falling over if I don’t balance myself

and as I soar down the steep canyon just beyond my home the wind gushes past me, weaving through my hair

and for a moment I lose track of time and space

and all I can do is laugh for joy as I glide across the sky on Earth,

feeling my heart let go of its sorrows and allow love and light to filter inside

helping me cherish my life and who I am.