The Scent of Lavender


Selena Molinari '24


Your words are more
Powerful than your intentions
The guts you spill out with every breathe
every coherent sentence you mutter
They latch more than the
contents of your heart
A breath of fresh air
Fogged by the
Lack of innocence inside of it


I used to fear monsters
I can see them now
The unconventional types
Disfigured human like
Creatures, things I didn’t


Well, I’m 16 now.
I fear myself for
Lack of understanding
A dream-bound girl
Fell off the tightrope
Before she learned
To walk it


Pathetically human
Gets to a point where the
Scent of lavender lingers

Only to have it vanish
In its place
The sweet smell of lavender
Drowned out too long ago


I’ll find it when I swim
One day
If I ever remember
How to swim
In the first place