Run Sooner Than She Did.


E ‘22


Scoot, scoot

Quick scuff of a boot

Across the floor,

He comes for more


Her eyes sweat, they gleam with frustration.

She watched a year’s worth

Of mutilation


Terror, terror

All the more to scare her.

Sharp corners cut,

Every moment matters, but

As she run, run, runs down the halls

The louder she becomes, the louder he calls


Beat, beat

Heart bounces down the street

Escape too far away,

All hope of hers, left astray

Weapon flaring, out for sore eyes

The demon that waits, plots her demise


Breath, breath

No more in her lungs, he craves death

Blood boils, then left cold

Every true chase, soon enough, gets old.

He ended his need

For sadistic greed


Youth, youth

Evidence now holds truth

Murderer so bold

“Guilty, guilty” so we’re told.

Her body found in the basement,

Quite unoriginal placement,

Her body lay with with many others

Some you may even call brothers


Released, released

Crime has never decreased.

So next time you feel the need to run,

You probably should, before your life is done.