How is it- The Contradictions in Sleep and Dreams

How is it- The Contradictions in Sleep and Dreams

Shawkin Kabir '21

How is it
To drift so easily
Into another world
A world that exists but doesn’t

How is it
To imagine the unknown
And the known
In ways unimaginable

How is it
To fall through
The cracks
The vessels of our being
A different type of consciousness

How is it
To become another
But to become ourselves
In different times
In different realities

How is it 
To know one another
But not know each other
To know someone in a different form
To know someone that isn’t real
Or to know one in a form of a past story

How is it
To be yourself
But to never truly be
And to be many different bodies
And existences

How is it
To fall into another world
Into another universe
Do everything
But yet do nothing

How is it
To be in a place of familiarity
But yet in a place
Looking around
At what you know
And what you don’t know
And what you will possibly never know

How is it
To be in every possible place
At every possible time
In every possible minute
But never be anywhere
And be beyond the bounds of time

How is it 
To be what you’ve always wanted
Reach every possible dream
Every moment
You have ever yearned for
You waited for
Never wanting to let go
Always reaching higher
Startled in a pause
Filled with disbelief
But full faith
Wanting more
But also satisfied
But at the same time

How is it
To be everything you fear
Everything you despise
How does that horror feel
Every phobia you have
Is revealed to you
All the ones known and unknown
Wanting to leave
But being able to stay

How is it
To sleep

How is it
To face the contradictions
Of Sleep
And Of Dreams