Alone in the Rain

Alone in the Rain

Nivrithi Kuttuva '21


Alone in the rain I stood

pondering what the rain whispered to the ground,

Fiery and alive mirages that murmur every tear to only those who are listening.

I see the ghosts of the mist daintily scurrying back to the sky where they came from

My soul speaking in its own language with the rain-

Showering every thirsty plant, quenching them with mystical tears.

Alone in the rain I sit, my eyes closed

Breathe in the breath that warms my smile

Feel a sense of love that I will never be alone,

love from Earth and beyond


Now the golden light streaks the clouds

a lavender sky I have never seen before unveils

There is a rainbow somewhere out there but I am yet to find it.

But I found a hue in my soul,

awakened vibration,

a new spectrum of sense I never thought could be felt.


Alone in the rain I smile.