Lights Out

Lights Out

Shawkin Kabir '21

what is it

that hides in the darkness

refusing to be seen

it is a dream

it is imagination

what could that mean

shadows lurk

from corner to corner

it knows your fears

it’s a learner

you try to hold it in

it’s nothing

it’s nothing

you hear a creak

doors shut

is someone here?

the question is meek

it’s fine

it’s fine

no one is here

except for the shadow that you see near

what is there to do

what is there to say

nothing to do until it’s day

you see shapes

and monsters

across the wall

you feel sure

someone’s under the bed

someone not small

you try to convince yourself

your imagination has run wild

but the feeling

the fear

is anything but mild

you try to sleep

eyes closed

everything is fine

except for the monster that’s posed