On The Road To Adventure


Sarah Wollney '23


Oh, to be on an adventure again! I traveled the world and was the best of my kind, I visited every

stop from the East to West to deliver the goods I carry. I got to meet new people and visit new

places. I was young, fresh out of the factory. I had all the hope in the world. I would carry us to

California from Delaware, no one ever thanked me, but I was happy to do it. The factory was all I

had ever known. The first thing I saw was the pastures of potatoes in Idaho, and it was the most

beautiful thing I had ever seen. They told me to wait until I saw a big city as it would mesmerize

me. There were cars, and they could go anywhere. They didn’t know that I would never be able to

experience it. While I can travel across the country or around North America, I wouldn’t be able to

fit in a city as grand as New York. I brought us to factory after factory in the West then to all the

top stores in the East. I knew all the top fashion tips, all the top trends. That was life for me. You

may consider my life boring and plain, but it’s everything to me. My favorite times were when I

could see the city. I could never go in, but it looked dazzling from the outside. If I could do

anything again, I would choose to go back to my sixteenth adventure. It was three days before

Christmas and I got to deliver gifts to kids who would not be able to get their gifts if it wasn’t for

me. They didn’t need to thank me. I loved to watch their joy as they opened their toy cars and

markers. The last thing I remember is entering the grounds of an unfamiliar factory. But this time,

instead of going along the delivery pathway, I was led into the building. I closed my eyes and

awoke on a playground. After looking around, I noticed my surroundings. I had finally made it!

Instead of looking into the city from the outside, I was finally a part of it. At first, it was fun. I

watched the children’s imagination take them to places I could never reach. They would whisk me

away. On Monday, I was a pirate ship, and Tuesday, I was a plane. But I missed the potato fields. I

missed the small towns with friendly faces. I grew up with cars passing every-now-and-then

instead of honking all around me like they are now. “But the city’s mesmerizing,” you may say. “the

children love you,”, you may say. The next tire can have its turn. I’ve experienced it, and I want to

go back. I want a purpose. I want an adventure