Savannah Estabrook '22


Can I look both ways

From which direction is the

Technical gravity I stand between

Holding it in my hands

Feeling it in my head

The weight of knowing nothing

Can I look both ways

Before entering into someone’s dream

Before crossing into someone’s mind

When I read a story out of order

Can I perceive it the same?

Can I look both ways

Closing my eyes and grasping

For the next high or low

For the next day of realization

Attempting to satisfy the mind

To stop the rain from falling

Can I look both ways

Before leading into a new form

Before leaving everything I have seen

Before admitting my assumptions

Have been chosen safe and ordinary

Where the opposite is my completion

Can I make it pause

The constant flow of rain

And analyze the intricate drops

And what they all mean

Where they are going

And how long it takes for them to drop

Before I realize it’s too late

And rain doesn’t exist anymore