The Literary Magazine of Westwood High School


The Literary Magazine of Westwood High School


The Literary Magazine of Westwood High School


The Complimentary Breakfast


Sergio, weighing 3 tons, was motioned to the side of the road by an unusual silhouette. As the man came closer to the truck’s window, his melted wrinkles caught the light and his sunken eyes stayed glued on Sergio’s. The man was wearing a cap covering most of his forehead and a vest that gave Sergio the trust to roll down the window.

“The road is closed for repairs” the man said, “it should be fixed by morning, you can stay at that hotel for the night, free of charge.”
“Oh? Alright then,” Sergio said reluctantly.

Ignoring every instinct, he made his way to the hotel the man described. It looked very modern, like it had just been remodeled. The inside was empty and clean, except for the cobwebs Sergio noted in the corners of the halls. It was the biggest hotel Sergio had ever seen, so big that Sergio never saw the whole building during his stay.
Sergio went to the front desk to get his room and key. He met with a man who looked identical to the one he met on the road, but cleaner and wearing a suit and a hat that covered most of his forehead.

“Here is your room key and a voucher for a complimentary breakfast that starts at 5 am tomorrow.”
“Ok thanks. Umm, do you happen to know when the breakfast ends?”
The man looked at Sergio blankly, and said “Thank you for staying with us!”

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Sergio was confused, but too tired to put much thought into the interaction. He opened his room and was submerged in a wave of blankets and pillows. Sergio had set his alarm at 6 to make it to the breakfast, but woke up at 10 to find the alarm clock and phone disconnected. He rushed to the cafeteria, happy that there was still food.
Sergio ate and ate, no matter what he did he didn’t feel full and the food was some of the best he had ever had, he must’ve gained 10 pounds. While eating, he went to publish a Yelp review for the hotel, but as he searched he couldn’t find the place. Just then, his phone died.

“Would you like me to charge your phone on the charging machine we have over there,” a man said with glazed eyes and the same hat.
“Oh uh sure, thanks.” Sergio said as he saw the machine overflowing with phones but noticed that he was the only one there.

Sergio finished his food and started heading to the machine to get his phone and get on with his day. He looked up from his plate only to find himself in a completely empty room. Only with his table, chair, and him left in it.
He immediately got up, as his heart fell to his feet. He started screaming for help. After 2 of the longest minutes of his life, he saw a worker.

“Hey!” Sergio yelled in relief, “what’s going on, where did everything go?” The man gave

no response. “Hello?!?!” Sergio said in desperation.
Sergio gave up talking to the man and turned around only to find that the other people he had encountered were standing, watching him. They were wearing the same things, their vests and suits only this time, they had no hats, revealing their eight eyes. Sergio turned around to run away, but found himself surrounded by thousands of these people. That was the last thing anyone has ever heard of Sergio, he was never found after falling in the web.

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