Seeking a Shadow

Ishan Saleh


Oh? Well, well, well, well! What ‘ave we here? If it ain’t Miss Recovered! My I didn’t expect to ever see yer pretty face again! The last time I saw ya, you learned to “embrace your mistakes and hope for a better tomorrow” or whatever. What brings you back to this old Shadows abode? You here to rub in how well you’re doing now without me? Or could it be that you’re maybe, kinda, sorta, definitely here because, you need me? Oh no but that couldn’t be it, ‘cause you were so swell and jolly without me in yer head, it can’t possibly be that you wanted my help. RIGHT? Hahahaha, oh wow now this is rich! YOU, the healthy and well-adjusted person you are, came to their Shadow for help! Hahahahahaha, I’m sorry but that is hysterically ironic! Now, come on darlin’. What’s ailing ya now? Oh, is that so? Oooh, aha! I knew this would happen! Just like I said, no matter how perfect you try to be, once that crack on the sidewalk to your future finally trips you, there is no way for you to recover from your fall. Everything you worked so hard for comes crashing down like a damned sand castle. One wave, and it all just washes away. Doesn’t matter how tough the foundation is, all it takes is one splash, and then it’s gone. Ashes to ashes. Dust, to dust. Now, I will help. But promise me one thing. Never, ever, forget this. Even when you thought that you won, that you beat me. You came crawling back like a pathetic rat. Never, forget that you’re just a weak, spineless, coward who needs me to live. Never forget. Promise? Perfect! Now why don’t we shake on it and make it official? Partner?