The Mind is a Sunflower


Selena Molinari '24


The very pain we stumble to the feet of kicks us with the coldest of touches. Shakes us from our core to the belly of our greatest ambitions, and challenges us to fall in the face of the world we wish to rise above.

To face our greatest fears and march on beautifully, an outcome most of us want- but hardly any of us truly live in the midst of.

We only truly sleep wide awake, walking through life with the lids of our spirited eyes closed, closed to the greater contexts of the world we could only encounter if we lived to counter our own doubts.

The very concept of critical thinking urges us to criticize ourselves, to doubt the words that leave our mouths and the intentions behind our flawed thoughts.

The human tendency towards selective amnesia when our mind becomes too much of a burden to bear limits us endlessly- confining us to the same chairs we chained, sticking us to the sap of our own suppression, drowning us in the water we’ve drank and poisoning the seeds we sowed.

The only path forward is the path less paved, the path that exists in the depths of our psyche, beneath the weeds and vines that constrict our thoughts and render us empty, to the trenches of our better consciousness, to the valleys of our vast awareness, to the place where our ambitions are the sunflowers beneath our feet, and the sun are the goals we stretch our minds to.