Prettiest Girl


Selena Molinari '24


When I was younger, I thought love was a fairytale. I thought it must be that fuzzy feeling you get when someone special thinks you’re special. I figured it must be valentines day, that it must be mistletoe and cheesy romance movies. I thought it was the kind of sentiment that builds and breaks with no real assurance of stability.

You taught me that love doesn’t have to be like that. You taught me that love can be little hands, little arms that reach around you to pick you up from the lowest parts of the floor and help you remember why you must stand and keep walking.

You reminded me that love doesn’t have to be dependent on the conditions around it. You can love someone just because you do.

The mind you build with each day you grow , the heart you expand with every breath you take. You live in the divine essence of sunlight.

Black and white film would appear colorful with the mere impact of your touch.

Love you always,

Prettiest Girl