Tick Tick Tick


Ishan Saleh '25


Tick tick tick. It’s been several days since I started this case, and none of the evidence is adding up. Tick tick tick. None of it makes sense. Hopkins was offed 9 days ago, but his wounds indicate he was killed later. Tick tick tick. And his autopsy discovered he was killed with blunt force, yet the corpse had it’s eyes gouged out. Tick tick tick. Eye witnesses stated a man in a black coat dragged the body behind the restaurant, but no security tapes caught it. Tick tick tick. I hear my door open. The sight of all these jumbled up facts. My head can’t wrap around it. “Detective Madriane?” Someone asks. “Yes..?” I respond mindlessly as my head races, trying to figure this out. Hopkins is the third victim to be killed in such a manner. But what’s the connection? Tick tick tick. “Scans of that metal found at the scene just came in, I came here to give it to you.” He says as he hands it to me. I take it and usher him out with my hand while I read the case file. The metal is unique, manmade. Manufactured by the Right Sister Steelwork company. They sell all kinds of steel tools, hammers, saws, ice picks, things like that. And this specific piece appeared to be apart of an ice pick. No buyer, or specific purchase date. Wait… we have a confirmed murder weapon! Tick tick tick. Looking back on past cases, the wound did look similar to an ice pick, and the murder was always done in a similar style. Tick tick tick. And every victim had some sort of connection to a crime family. Whether they be the Irish mob, Mafia, or Yakuza. Tick tick tick. I may not have it all figured out, but there is one certainty. Tick tick tick. This psychopath will be caught, and I’m the one who’s gonna catch them. Tick tick boom.