Butter Days


Eleanor Duncan ‘23


My piece Butter Days has multiple inspirations or messages, all tied together by the sentiment that there will be better days ahead. Butter Days serves as a memorial for two past feline friends, both of whom had a love of dairy, and unfortunately, major health deterioration, leading to their passing. I intend to give this piece to my mom for her birthday. No matter how rough things may be for us, when I feel I might drown under the pressure of life, or when I feel hopelessly lost, she’s always been there to tell me there will be better days. I started from a solid form to keep structural integrity as I worked on the anatomy of the clay cat, deciding to carve out the center once all the details had been finalized. For the head, I made two pinch pots. I used additive and subtractive elements while keeping feline anatomy in mind. Once leather hard, I refined with a loop tool, hollowing and refining. I decided to use underglaze, as it provided me the flexibility to blend colors.