All I Wanted


Julianna Patterson '23


you were stolen from me

undeviatingly, before my very eyes

ultimately, I knew it would happen

eventually, I was unprepared


you were used in other ways

although fulfilling, it wasnt with me


all I wanted

was you back


I assumed I would be unbothered

though, it was the opposite

I applied you every day

or something like that


although I had extra in the other room

it would never be equivalent

I didn’t ache for that one anyways

it wasn’t you


all I wanted

was you back


I was too bothered to retrieve it anyways

I wanted you


you meant everything to me, to my hair

you supplied it life, secured it in place

secured me in place

kept the flyaways in place

kept me in place

I could never substitute you

with anything else


all what I wanted

was you back


I talked about you all the time

how much I missed you

how all I desired is you


until I was provided a better option

another that was full, brand-new

I seized that moment, and I’ve never happier


unused, untouched


so now all that I speak about is the new one

my brand-new hair gel

how simply perfect it is


but all I wanted

was you back