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Prose by Lucia Santaolalla ’22

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A friendship is between two people, and both of them have to put the same effort into it. By saying this, I don’t mean 50% you and 50% your friend. No, in a friendship each of you has to give 100%, and if not, if you start noticing that the other person is walking away from you and they don’t usually listen to what you are saying, is not worth it. It is not worth it to be sad for people like them.

You are probably thinking, well Lucia, I’m not talking to my friends 24/7. I don’t mean it like that. When you give 100% in a friendship, it’s not talking to them all day long. It means caring about them, asking how they are from time to time. It is being able to listen to them when they have problems and try to help them if they ask you for advice, and if you can’t help, just listen, it would mean the world to them, they will feel loved and better.

When you are with that person, you have to feel like you are yourself, that you are relaxed and can do everything together. That you don’t strive to fit in and they love you just the way you are, with your imperfections and everything.

If you are feeling like this right now. If that person doesn’t treat you the way you deserve it, don’t fight for them, don’t fight for your friendship because it is not worth giving everything to people that don’t deserve you.

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