Tsunami via Chris Henry on Unsplash


Poem by Anonymous

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I am drowning.
Am I drowning in tears
Or am I swallowed whole by the pain
A fiery rapid wave enveloping me into a deep blue dark pit
Where I explode and the tsunami rages on
Hungry for more
A desire so strong that even I can’t stop it– and neither can you
But I have nothing left to give so stop asking
Stop asking me to help
Stop asking me to do more 
Stop asking me to try harder
My head is pounding, my heart is aching, my legs are weak, my arms are shaking
I ask, I plead, I beg
For them to stop
But there’s no one else there.
I created this ocean. I started this pain.
I gave myself these demands.
I’m drowning because of me.
So how can I ask for help when I’m the one who caused it all?
I am to blame.
I am drowning.

Poem by Anonymous

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