Alone But Alive

Poem by Chloe Boyd ’23

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By Chloe Boyd ’23

shattered glass

a scattered past

iron sheets

falling sleet

shards of pain

scared of your name

full of thoughts

wild mind distraught

frantic to norm

calm in the eye of the storm

when she stopped from living a lie

she reflected on her life going by

most times alone

she’s someone you don’t know

soft and lovely flute

she speaks though she’s mute

lonely nights writing by candle

she’s been through things that you can’t handle

her feelings run dry

she’s conserved and shy

she lets it all out the only way she knows how

and when she’s done, she takes a grand bow

gray turned vibrant

with no way to hide it

the hue shines through

reflecting back on you

color fills her eye

this girl, she is I

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