Editorial Policy

Allowing Westwood students an open forum to express their creativity is important to us  because we would like only the highest quality of content on our site, while still having an open forum, we have established a talented team of editors who edit all work that is submitted to us. The purpose of editing is to make work clear while also preserving the voice and creativity of the creator. Doing this is a great responsibility that all Dreamcatcher staff members take very seriously, however it is not possible without the cooperation of the creator. That is why we will not publish any work submitted to us until the creator has responded to ALL edits. Our editors also reserve the right not to publish the work submitted to us at their discretion. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our editing policies.

We will not accept

  • Content with inappropriate wording
  • Any submission with explicit content
  • Profane or vulgar language
  • Hateful language/imagery
  • Culturally insensitive content

Longform and Essays

Fiction Writing

  • We will edit for clarity and grammar, while also preserving the author’s voice.
  • We will offer suggestions on each piece submitted to improve the quality of the piece
  • We believe that there is always room for improvement and that a second pair of eyes is critical to good writing, even if it’s fiction. That is why we always have suggestions and edits for stories

Non-Fiction Writing

  • It is incredibly important for us that we uphold high standards in all writing, and so an equal weight will be given to the truth behind the information presented in the writing.
  • We WILL NOT publish any work that contains factually incorrect information.
  • We require all works submitted to include links to reputable sources to back up the facts presented in the article.
  • We will also edit for clarity and grammar, as we do in fiction writing.

Poetry and Prose

  • Poetry and Prose will be edited for grammar and clarity while maintaining the author’s voice and tone. 
  • In order to increase the quality, suggestions will be offered on submitted pieces.
  • All content must be school appropriate and must be checked by the writer before publishing. If a piece requires trigger warnings or includes inappropriate language, it will not be published. 

Art & Photography


  • Pictures will be edited for clarity.
  • Descriptions should not include emoticons.
  • No stick figures will be accepted
  • Art with nudity will not be published.  


  • Photos will be edited for things like brightness, etc. 
  • Descriptions should not include emoticons.
  • Photos may not be published if they are low quality. 
  • Photos must not contain nudity, or it will not be published.



  • Interviews will be edited as usual for grammar and clarity.
  • You are allowed to slightly alter what the interviewee said for grammar and clarity purposes. Use [ ] to indicate that.
  • Interviews should be interesting. Formulate your questions craftily and contact us if you need any help using the contact form on our website.

“The Fun Stuff”

  • Jokes, Riddles, and Comics you submit will also be held to the same standard of quality as all of our other pieces.
  • However, since it’s just a fun thing you can submit to, the majority of these will be published regardless after checking for grammar and clarity.
  • All school-inappropriate jokes will not be published.


  • Video quality will be assessed with the help of our Horizon Video Editor.
  • We would like to publish as many videos as possible because students are very entertained by them.
  • Shaky or blurry footage will not be used.
  • If you can edit the footage yourself, please do. Otherwise, we will take it through iMovie, fix any issues we see, and list what we fixed in an email to you.
  • If you would like to start a video series or do a video interview, please contact us through the contact form on our site.


  • All LOTE submissions will have a special designated editor who will be editing the pieces submitted for grammar and clarity
  • LOTE submissions must adhere to the same standards as all other pieces
  • For more information on LOTE submissions, contact Westwood Student Press at westwood_student_press@roundrockisd.org