4 New Book Recommendations for May

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If you don’t know what to read or you want to see new book recommendations, then, this is the perfect book list for you!

  • Eleanor & Park (romance)

A story of two crossed lovers that know that even though they know first love never lasts, they still fight for each other and try for their relationship and feelings to last forever.

  • Of Curses and Kisses (romance and a spin on Beauty and the Beast)

When Jaya Rao first attends the elite boarding school, she discovers that Grey Emerson, one of the members of her rival royal family, is also a student at the school. Jaya realizes that she needs to put aside her devotion to her family in order to follow her evil plan; Make him fall in love with her in order to break his heart as well as he broke his family’s.

  • A curse so dark and lonely (trilogy, fantasy, and a spin on Beauty and the Beast)

While trying to save a stranger on the streets, Harper is captured and pulled into a magical world. There, she meets Prince Rhen, a cursed prince that has to find a lady to make her fall in love with him in order to break the curse that has been haunting him for the past hundreds of years. 

Will Harper be able to save him? Is he truly a good prince or a ferocious monster? Harper will learn that not everything is good or bad in this world, and will have to fight for what’s at stake and be able to protect her life. 

  • Warcross (duology and fantasy)

Nothing is going well in Emika Chen’s life and the only good thing for her right now is the game everyone has been obsessed with in the past ten years- Warcross. In order to make money and pay her daily needs, Emika works as a hunter, following illegal players from the famous game. But, this is not a great job for her so she decides to hack the opening game of the international Warcross Championships until she accidentally becomes part of the game.

List by- Lucia Santaolalla ’22

Featured image credits: Ed Robertson

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