A person running on a desert hill


Poem by Shawkin Kabir ’21

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The unknown came
Possibly good
Probably good
It faced there
Like a wall
A gate
To a world
Of possibility
One where anything could happen
But what if
What if
What if?
So she ran

When harshness came
When they fought her
When the anger beat her up
When their words cut through her
Right through her
Like a kid
Flipping through that book
A little too quickly
Facing a cut
Cut that brought blood
When their aggressiveness brought her down
So she knew
So she ran

When she had to do something new
When there was something to branch out
When it wasn’t something known
When it wasn’t the Familiar
When it wasn’t the Comfortable
When it wasn’t the Old
She was pushed back
Like a repelling force
Like the child
Learning magnets
Who grabbed the first two they saw
In excitement
Putting the two sides
Not meant to be
Trying to force them
But they wouldn’t budge
They pushed each other apart
That was her
That was how she felt
It was impossible 
She knew it was impossible for her
There was no way
Not what was Unknown
So she did it
She ran

When the Failure came
It hurt
The harshness
See this is what happens
When you push past
The Familiar
This is why you need to
Stay there
She said angrily
She knew it to be true
It wasn’t going to change
Failure was meant to be it
It was proven
It was done 
And done
Her cynical hypothesis was proven
Why try
Why ever try
The most horrid
Frightful aspect of it all
Was that she did try
But Failure still found where she lived
Knocked on her door
And slyly walked inside
Making itself known
So this is why
And how she knew
So she ran

But it felt empty
After the running was done
There was no race
Just herself
And no satisfaction
There was no finish line for running
And she thought
When would she stop
She didn’t know
So what now
Now what
As she looked past
All the space in front
Of her
to keep running
but if she always ran
Then it was sure she would always be running
There wouldn’t ever be anything else
So this is why
And how she knew
So she stood

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