Man’s Dream

Poem by Adrian Hughes ’21

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The deep dark,

The deep dark,

What lies beyond thee?

Silver dots, glittering in the night sky,

Colorful Lights, dancing in the bright sky.

How I wish, oh wish, I could reach you…

So far away, you are.

Yet, you are so close…

How could that be?

Be, that we may see you, only to be teased, and tortured

Unable to reach out, and touch.

Touch that, that calls to us.

Temptation, Temptation, to bring us beyond the stars.

Regret, and sorrow, to bring us to tears.

This is what I feel. What we all feel.

Yearning, Bonding,

To the silver bells, of the universe.

Ringing, Ringing, to all those, who will listen.


And thus, Mankind looked to the stars.

An unyielding void,

Sucking, and losing,

Separating and Destroying,

All those who dare enter.

It may be, Yet we are beings!

Beings, who shall adapt,

To all, that dare challenge us,

Be it a faulty gasket,

Or a swirling galaxy, standing in our path.

We must if we wish to complete ourselves.

To complete the task set to us, by destiny…

We shall persevere,

We shall create,

And we, shall, succeed.

Beings of all ages, working together, lifting together,

One unified goal.

From small bottle rockets,

To giant machines of steel, and rubber.

We follow our dreams,

To those who see the dream.

We follow our hearts.

To those, whose heart beats the same way.

We follow the cheering, made by those who love us.

And by all those, who mentored us.

And we follow it all, all into the cosmos, into the one true home.

Into the home that made us.

Into the home made for us.

Into home, we live in.

The clock is ticking.

And we must reach the cosmos.

And to the cosmos, we shall return.


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