An image of a smile via Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

A Smile

Poem by Anonymous

One comment

That smile
Shining so brightly
Full of jubilance and laughter
Of joy and memories
Of pure utter bursting happiness

Something so foreign to the touch
So foreign to all of my senses that even if I felt it, 
I wouldn’t know what it was

Whispers of the past dance in the wind
A glimpse of raw childhood and trembles from the past
A light so open and lustrous and smooth
So ineffable and full

Twirling in my mind
Round and round
Like the top we used to play with
Spinning, spiraling down until it breaks and falls down
And starts up again with our push.

That smile was all I knew
An exhilarating experience
It was all I needed
It was life, courage, hope
A beam of sunlight in the dark

Even when all was gone
There was that glossy smile
So devious and childish
So ephemeral that it was gone in less than a second
And only flashes back as a picture in our memories.

A twinkle of solace in twilight.
A second of euphoria in unease.
A moment of serendipity in oblivion.

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