I am certain.

Poem by Anonymous

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Certainty engulfs your state of mind.
There’s nothing going on.
Therapists cost a lot of money, you know?
Society will look down upon you, you know?
No one will look at you the same, you know?
These chants in your mind overtake your conscious and you begin to breathe false notions.
Is it really worth all the pain?
Is it worth making your parents go broke on a little overthinking and stress?
Is it really ok to stress every second of your day and feel chills scatter all across your body and your stomach churn and goosebumps grow and your eyes ache from all the tears you’ve spilled?
But the word ‘stress’ is just a cover up of anxiety and pain and melancholy days filled with an unexplainable throb gnawing on your insides.
When you feel your body tremble and your head pound and your fingers shake at the sight of a single insult.
They hate me.
They loathe me.
Disgusting. Stupid. Girl.
Repeated thoughts in your mind tear viciously through your brain, leaving nothing but a shattered soul.
There’s nothing wrong with you.
There’s nothing wrong with me.
There’s nothing wrong with me……..

Poem by Anonymous

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