Nostalgia, an Old Friend

Poem by Nivrithi Kuttuva ’21

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Frost laces the morning grass

And leaves the trees hauntingly barren.

Not a sight or sound in the miles around me.

Only the crisp cold air, creeping into people’s hearts and homes.

Just then, as I lose track of time, 


An old friend of mine

Knocks on my door.

I invite her inside

and we turn the fireplace on,

soon radiating warmth to fill up my home.

Nostalgia gifts me an old photo album of our memories.

An as I flip through the pages, I find a stained picture with the edges ripped here and there

but still radiating an energy that fills my heart with fondness.

I see myself with my family and friends, wild and knit together by the fabric of love.

All the warm emotions that I felt back then pave their way into me now

As sorrow made me realize 

I didn’t know how much I had back then.

I didn’t know that things wouldn’t last forever.

I deeply wish that we could go back

To the warmth and hope whispering in the early autumn dawn.

I look up from my book of memories with teary eyes,

But Nostalgia had vanished from my home.

But then I remember that Nostalgia is a special friend

who only visits me in the dark winter months to free me from my isolation for a few moments.

I cannot hold onto something,

Wishing for it to return.

It will always be a part of me, resonating within my spirit

And reside in all of my new memories to come. 

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