Wall with some visible bricks

Walls Inspired by the book: “The God of Small Things” written by Arundhati Roy

Poem by Anonymous

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The touched and the untouched,
these blind walls,
Generations have clutched
“Incompetent” intercaste interactions
were greatly judged
The hierarchy remained intact
Occupations, lifestyles, society: trudged

The radicals filled with rage,
“These damn walls,”
There needs to be a change,
Tensions rise as red seas surge,
Even if the march unites a range,
No loyalty, only reputation,
Those stained paan teeth urge.

The tourists looking through stained glass,
New “5-star” walls,
hidden from the river’s lower class,
instead, commodified traditions sold,
The souvenirs stuffed sightseers amass,
history, myths, and culture bow to their feet
This so-called “progress” has allowed them to trespass.

Poem by Anonymous

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