Shattered Vision

Poem by Anonymous

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Shards of sight piercing the boundary of isolation.

Broken and shattered beyond repair

misleading the thoughts of those who care.

They lead me into a world where I see only through a hue of rage

Ripping the sky of its blue freedom thinking they will suffer

but caging myself in a lie.

Beating up the world while only I receive the scars

After I beat myself up so many times for hurting those that I love

I can never heal until I forgive myself.


Seeing only what is in front of me


the sounds that mock me in my sleep and invade my dreams


Of my heart to the rhythm of the words of a wild mind


My home does to those with my same fate


For a soul to hold my hand


From the world and whatever is left for me

Until all that is left for me is shattered vision

which refuses to see light

only the shadows.

Where my words I speak have no meaning.

When all the sounds I hear and the feelings I feel are just a part of surviving,

hunting for necessities

Nothing more.

Leaving my soul behind, hysterical at the creature I am now.


And then.


Poem by Anonymous

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