A view of the moon in a dark night with a small view of the nature around the scene.

Down in the Deep, Dark Night

Poem by Nashitha Azeez ’22

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Down in the deep, dark night
Lighthouses in the sky guide
Shimmering with happiness
Splattered throughout
Little glowing orbs
Lightyears away
Shedding their light, and history on us

The slivers of hope in the darkness
Guiding the lost traveler
Shining together to make a sea of light
Led by the big, shining, splotchy wheel
A confident captain
Sailing through the sky
To encapsulate the light in the darkness

The crickets chirp in rhythm to the twinkles of stars
The owls hoot warmly, like a choir in church
The wind delicately rustles in the trees 
Lovingly caressing the leaves
And harmonizing with the melody of the forest
Like drunk sailors celebrating in the night

And down in the deep, dark night
The coyotes creep 
Pouncing at every tiny, living creature 
The wolves howl 
At the attentive, glistening moon
Conversing their hunt plans 
Pirates awaiting their next victim

I lie 
On the bed of leaves 
Dried up and crackling at my touch
The fallen twigs poking and stabbing me 

I lie 
And smell the potion of the forest 
Rain, dung, wet flowers, and cut up grass
Combining to form an aura 
No candle could ever replicate 

I lie 

Staring at the sky’s ocean 
Listening to the symphony of the night 
As the essence of the forest consumes me.

Poem by Nashitha Azeez ‘22

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