Poem by Anonymous

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its everyday now 

when the sun just seems a little lower

and my heart just seems a little more hollow

and i cant shake that feeling

a feeling of despair when others are around

a feeling of fright that they’ll find out

a feeling of shivers and cool whispering air breezing by

leaving me alone with nothing but a shell of a girl who once was truly happy

only to have it taken away by another who couldn’t hold it in

who couldn’t keep her mouth shut 

who couldn’t try to let me live

who couldn’t swallow her pride and let them, me, live in peace

who made everyone turn against everyone

who only cared about a new man

who only cared about what others thought

who only cared about me when she needed me the most

and then leaves tangled in a vine of disgust 

because she never wanted me

no one ever did

but then why do i feel this guilt?

Poem by Anonymous

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