Journey of a Voice

Poem by Nivrithi Kuttuva ’21

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Sensitive, quiet, divine spirit.

You carry the whole world in your heart and give your whole heart to the world.

Your voice is pure and faithful, feeling life as a whole, abundant with the goodness of human nature.

Your candid heart is the most sensitive thing in the universe that can shatter into a million shards,

while at the same time it still contains enough love to send out like dandelion florets, drifting in the wind so that they can find their way to others who are desperate for it.

Sensitive, quiet, divine spirit.

Little does anyone know that your heart has been torn up and your voice hushed.

Eyes have pierced you with words that have the power to make you doubt the validity of your own mind

and made you believe that the darkness can dampen your own light. 

No one knows how you sailed through the vast oceans of obstacles,

toppling over each wave but still climbing back up to embark on every new one.

We are here to fulfil our lives and make every thought and every word we have to say worth listening to. 

You are the one who knows yourself best in the entire world, knowing every fragment of happiness, joy, and love that you have felt. 

So take time to discover who you truly are away from those that cloud over your mind.

Go outside into the arms of nature and set yourself free.

Search within yourself for an answer to the questions that have not been asked. 

Take a moment to venture outside and listen to the rain, listening to the way that the raindrops whisper to the ground. 

A misty aura veils the rest of the world from you and allows you to listen to your breathing.

Take a deep breath, nourishing yourself with the knowledge that you have been blessed to experience life. 

Visualize the thousands of hearts beating at the very moment that yours also beats with like harmonious voices in a choir. 

Your power doesn’t come from the validation of others. It comes from within, from your inner being, your essence. 

It comes from you holding onto your inner motivation like a kite’s string and never letting it go. 

No one has more power over your mind than you do. 

All of a sudden, the rain will begin to quiet as you hear a faint hum. 

Radiant sunlight will beam through the fog, refracting a field of colors. 

A weightless energy will lift you up so you can see the beautiful scene before you as a smile breaks through on your once solemn face. 

A warm feeling inside will thaw the cold numbness you felt before 

And the fog will reveal a golden light in the sky, a mellifluous voice for yourself, one that will hold your hand and guide you to the light forever.

Poem by Nivrithi Kuttuva ’21

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